Two types of managers

Some managers only care about results; to them, metrics, charts, and trends are the only worthwhile managerial pursuit. Understanding the source of variance in a system, statistical stability, management of risk — these dynamics rule their every, waking thought.

Some managers only care about people; to them, people’s mindsets, well-being, and patterns of improvement are the only worthwhile pursuit. Understanding what creates emotional ups and downs, organizational cohesiveness, and people who like working together — these dynamics rules their every, waking thought.

These two types of managers don’t exist. Instead, they are competing voices in the head of every real manager worth his or her salt. One is louder or softer based on the manager’s temperament and personality.

Neither may be refused a voice in the relationship, yet as in a marriage, both must serve the other.


Jason is a developer, Scrum Master, writer, teacher, coach, husband, father, and community leader out of Tulsa Oklahoma. He's been delivering software since 2007 and absolutely loves the values and principles of agility especially as given form by the Scrum framework.