Semper Agilis

That’s Latin darlin’.Doc Holiday in Tombstone (1993)

Choosing a name for a blog can be tough. Though I have never sat down with the intent of writing a novel or other substantial work, I can imagine that coming up a suitable title or even a first line would give the author pause. He or she might feel, as I am feeling, a profound inertia. The sense pervades that the choices I am making now will profoundly affect the future in ways I am not capable of predicting. The consequence of these small decisions may snowball into something I can’t control, may not want, or even grow to detest!

What if a mistake now will…(you fill in the blank).

These thoughts are by no means silly; there are certainly situations which require careful consideration and soul-searching. These decisions if made rashly can have great and negative impact on our lives and the lives of others. Answering without the deference due the question, “Should I commit my life to this person?” would be considered capricious or even cruel.

Yet too often, we can feel as though MOST of our choices are so precarious that we can’t afford to screw them up. This overdeveloped survival instinct traps us into patterns that produce comfort and stability rather than growth and opportunity. We convince ourselves that innovation is too costly, taking risks is too uncertain, and adaptation is only necessary if it becomes too painful to remain.

We cannot afford to subscribe, without thought to this mindset.

Many things around us are changing in ways our parents and grandparents never anticipated. After the great depression, two whole generations accepted that college was the best way to guarantee financial security and accomplishment. Finding a good job sticking with it the preferred way to guarantee comfortable retirement. Securing the best education for our children meant sacrificing greatly to put them in the best, private schools. Not that these things have no value, but are there things we should be coming to value more?

I confess, I don’t have all the answers; however, I sense that things are changing and we must adopt an attitude more resilient to change.

What can you expect from this blog?

“Responding to change over following a plan”

My background is in software development and agile methodologies. I will likely write mostly on these subjects as I am passionate about discovering how values and principles like those expressed in the Agile Manifesto and frameworks like Scrum encourage people to go about their work with genuine concern for their colleagues, product, customers, and planning.

Beyond software development, agility is a mindset that can and should pervade the thinking of an individual or organization dedicated to continual improvement leading to excellence.

It’s time to name the blog.

This blog is named, “Semper agilis” and it represents a change in thinking.

My name is Jason Knight, and I welcome you to join me.


Jason is a developer, Scrum Master, writer, teacher, coach, husband, father, and community leader out of Tulsa Oklahoma. He's been delivering software since 2007 and absolutely loves the values and principles of agility especially as given form by the Scrum framework.